Marvellous Micellar Cleansing Waters


It’s highly likely that you’ve heard a big buzz about a marvellous new cleansing product that claims to remove makeup without scrubbing. If you haven’t, where have you been?! With every skincare brand worth their salt bringing out their own Micellar water, I thought I’d give you a round up of the best. For me Micellar waters are fantastic & I only wish they’d been invented sooner. Gone are the days of scrubbing off your stubborn makeup only to find your mascara has just been smudged all down your face & not removed at all. Micellar waters remove all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara & they’re are kind to skin. They’re even great for those of us with sensitive skin! Micellar waters are also so easy to use, you simply pour a few drops of the miracle water onto a cotton pad & gently wipe over your entire face. No need to rub or rinse off. These waters are a great way to give your skin a good cleanse without all the hassle & it’s so quick! Micellar waters are good for the skin as they are packed with vitamins & skin loving ingredients (specific ingredients & vitamins vary with each different brand’s micellar water) The best budget Micellar waters are: Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing water RRP £4.49 for 200ml (currently £2.19 in Superdrug), Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive 3in1 Micellar Cleansing Water RRP £3.69 for 200ml and Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water RRP £4.99 for 400ml (currently £3.33 in Boots). I found all of these to be fairly similar in their results: they all removed makeup & dirt effectively but were just very slightly more drying to the skin compared to the more expensive ones. Having said that I really loved all of them & would definitely buy them all again. The best mid range Micellar waters are: Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5in1 Micellar Cleansing Water RRP £6 for 350ml (currently £4 in Boots) and B. Pure Micellar Water (not pictured) RRP £5 for 150ml (currently £2.45 in Superdrug) and Finally the best luxury Micellar waters are: Decleor Aroma Cleanse Soothing Micellar Water With Rose Essential Oil RRP £27.50 for 400ml and La Roche-Posay Rosaliac Micellar Makeup Remover Gel RRP £12.50 for 195ml (currently £8.40 on FeelUnique). I found both of the luxury ones to be Micellar waters but with added extra benefits e.g Decleor has oils to moisturise the skin & La Roche-Posay feels very refreshing & helps to tackle redness which I get a lot.


Overall I think Micellar Waters are the cleansers of the future and they really are the way forward for a quick but effective cleanse. If you haven’t tried one already I suggest you do so. Once you’ve tried them you won’t be able to live without them! The products featured in this post are available from


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