The Body Shop Frosted Plum: Shower Gel & Body Butter

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” This is something I really do believe as I absolutely adore Christmas time & everything that goes with it! Yes I even enjoy Christmas shopping and normally have all my gifts by the end of November (some people might think I’m mad and to be honest I do go a bit mad with excitement at Christmas!)


I’m a huge fan of Christmasy scents so every year I indulge in seasonal body products & The Body Shop are definitely one of my favourites. The Body Shop releases a selection of seasonal bath and body products and they normally have three seasonal scents to choose from. Frosted Cranberry has cropped up every year so far so this must be the Taylor Swift of scents! (very popular). I do really like the Cranberry and have purchased it before. It does smell very Christmasy to me especially as a lot of people have cranberry sauce with their turkey on Christmas day. The second seasonal scent is Glazed Apple and this is another gorgeous smell. The glazed apple first appeared last year & has made a comeback this year which I’m very happy about. When I heard that The Body Shop were introducing a new scent for their festive collection this year naturally I was thrilled as I have loved all of the seasonal smells so far. Obviously I was very eager to try the latest addition called Frosted Plum. When I first smelt it I really fell in love with it. Wow! It’s such a beautiful smell and it’s by far my favourite of all The Body Shop’s Christmas smells. It’s sweet but not too sweet and I think it would be great as a gift for a woman of any age.


A very sophisticated fruity & floral scent greets your nostrils as you open the lids of the products. The Frosted Plum shower gel definitely made me feel relaxed yet indulgent in the shower. The fragrance has notes of ripe plum from Turkey, peony and magnolia. The smell really is special. The shower gel produces a rich lather and is soap free so your skin won’t feel dried out. After your shower you can give your body a moisturising treat with the legendary Body Butter in a festive plum scent. The body butter has a beautiful buttery texture and leaves skin feeling softer & smoother. The body butter really did make my skin feel so much softer even my dry neglected elbows & knees. I only have one issue with this BB it can leave a slightly greasy feel sometimes. The BB smells the same as the shower gel but has the added ingredient of community fair trade babassu oil which helps to moisturise the skin.

DSC_0362.JPG Overall I really love this range & I would love to use it again. Any product from this collection would make a perfect gift for your busy best friend or super stressed mum! Plus you can give them these products knowing that The Body Shop doesn’t test on animals, they’re eco friendly, fair trade, they donate to charity and their loyalty card is pretty generous too!

DSC_0363.JPG The Body Shop Frosted Plum Shower gel (250ml) is priced at £4 RRP & the Frosted Plum Body Butter (200ml) is priced at £14 RRP. These are available from or The Body Shop stores nationwide. Glazed Apple & Frosted Cranberry have the same prices and gift sets are available of all the seasonal scents. The Body Shop does discount codes & sale events regularly so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think and I’d love to know what your favourite festive products are or what your favourite Body Shop products are! Kate x



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