Benefit Cheekathon Blush Collection


I’ve been a massive fan and loyal customer of Benefit for a long time now. I’ve loved their products ever since I was pulled over for a makeover in a department store 12 years ago! That makeover was the inspiration for many birthday & Christmas wishlists for many years after that & still is to this day. I was first attracted to their playful & sometimes cheeky packaging but it’s the quality of the products that’s made me stay.

When I discovered Benefit had created this cheek palette I was desperate to get my hands on one. Why? Well firstly because it contains FIVE FULL SIZE blushers/bronzers which normally cost Β£23.50 each and this collection costs Β£44.50, which is less than the cost of two of them individually plus it comes with a full size brush too. Even though Β£44.50 is still a fair bit of money it’s great value for what you’re getting. So that’s my thrifty side satisfied!


As for the appearance of the palette the packaging is very typically pretty for a Benefit product and looks lovely on your dressing table or in your makeup drawer (I’m a serious beauty addict so I have several drawers devoted to makeup!) I really liked the fact that the palette included a nice clear big mirror. I think all palettes should come with a mirror, especially the pricer ones as it’s useful for makeup on the go or if you’re applying your face in a room without a mirror. Benefit have included a little “how to” booklet which provides tips on getting the perfect flush. The booklet didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know and you’ll probably think the same but it’s nice to have it all the same. My biggest tip when using blush or bronzer is to always tap the brush before applying to get rid of any excess product. This means your blush or bronzer looks far more natural & not overdone.


In regards to the actual products themselves I have tried most of them before & I really love them all so it’s great to finally own them and have them all in one place. The products are very highly pigmented and a little goes a long way so this palette should last a while, especially as I don’t wear makeup everyday. Finding long lasting products can be tough but these cheeky products (sorry for the bad pun!) fit the bill perfectly. They last all day & all evening too, which is great for those quick desk to bar transitions when you don’t have time to top up your makeup. It’s rare to find powder based products that are long lasting as usually creamy consistencies tend to last longer. Something I noticed immediately after opening the palette was this beautiful fragrance from the products. All Benefit box o’ powder products (blushers & bronzers) carry this lovely scent and it’s even stronger in this palette. Don’t worry about the scent being overpowering because it’s not, it’s just a light delicate pretty smell that I’m sure you’ll love as much as I do. I think this scent is pretty similar to Benefit’s Maybe Baby perfume, which I absolutely adore!


In the above picture I’ve swatched all of the products to give you an idea of what they might look like on your skin. From top to bottom: Coralista, Dandelion, Rockateur, Dallas and Hoola. Hoola is the only completely matte powder in this collection, the other four have quite subtle shimmer but Rockateur is definitely the most shimmery. Rockateur would make a great highlighter on your cheekbones.


Hoola is an award winning bronzer & continues to be one of Benefit’s many bestselling products. It’s perfect for contouring or if you just want a sun kissed glow. It’s great for those of us who don’t like fake tan or don’t want to use sunbeds. It’s a beautiful bronzed glow without the sun damage or messy hands plus it doesn’t have that dreaded biscuit smell either!


Thankyou very much for reading. I hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to let me know your thoughts on Benefit, the Cheekathon palette or this post.

Kate x




4 thoughts on “Benefit Cheekathon Blush Collection

  1. Hello Sally & thanks for your comment. I can see your point but I think it’s really good value for how many you’re getting plus I think it’s nice to have all your blushers/bronzers in the same palette. It’s a gorgeous limited edition palette. Let me know if you decide to take the plunge and buy Cheekathon πŸ™‚


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