Tili Beauty Box

Beauty boxes are everywhere at the moment and they are seriously big business for the companies that compile them. Chances are if you scroll through your Instagram right now you’ll see several¬†images of these beauty boxes from various companies. Beauty boxes are all slightly different depending on which one you choose but three things they normally¬†have in common are frequency (usually once a month), the fact that they are a subscription service and you don’t normally get to see what’s inside your box until it arrives. That is until the Tili beauty box¬†sashayed onto the scene! With the Tili beauty box new editions are created every¬†few months so you’re not overloaded with products,¬†you don’t have to subscribe as it’s just a one off payment and you actually get to see exactly what will be in your box before you decide if you want to order or not. Sounds great, right?


The Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish has long been a favourite of mine so I was thrilled to get a travel size edition of this beauty in my box because it’s perfect for holidays and weekends away. You get the muslin cloth too. I love this product because it’s great for all skin types (even sensitive) and you can actually use it on your eyes. It really bugs me when a cleansing product claims to “remove even waterproof makeup” yet states you can’t use it on the eye area. I want my cleanser to remove everything including mascara so if it can’t be used around the eye area then it’s a no from me! Cleanse and Polish not only cleanses the skin thoroughly but as the name suggests it also lightly polishes the skin to remove dead skin cells.¬†Less dead skin cells equals glowing skin!


If you haven’t heard the buzz about Alpha H liquid gold then where have you been? Bloggers and beauty editors have¬†been raving about this product and there is a limited edition version in the box:¬†Liquid gold rose. The product adds moisture & resurfaces the skin¬†without being too harsh to your skin. I’ve not been using this product long but I really like it so far.¬†My skin feels so clean & mattified after use.


The It Cosmetics¬†colour correcting (CC) cream is another product that is very hyped & I totally understand why. I already own the full size version of this product & I used it everyday on my holiday¬†as it contains SPF50 and isn’t too heavy on oily skin. The first thing that hits you is the scent.¬†This CC cream has a lovely citrus scent & smells really fresh. The shade that’s included in this box is medium which is a bit too dark for me but I’ll mix my lightening drops with it (thank god for The Body Shop!) This product has full coverage as well as skincare benefits too.


I hadn’t heard of Ultrasun until recently but I’m really glad I¬†discovered them.¬†Ultrasun produce sun cream & SPF products that contain no perfume, no emulsifiers, no preservatives so they’re suitable for very sensitive skin as well as being water resistant. The product included in this box is an¬†anti-ageing SPF30 cream for face. It’s¬†the perfect size for handbags too.

20170605_145435As you might already know Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara has been a favourite of mine for a long time. If you haven’t seen my post about it then click here. Roller Lash is the latest mascara from Benefit & it’s definitely my favourite. The wand is curved &¬†it’s great for adding curl to your lashes. The formulae is jet black and it really makes your eyes pop.¬†Even though this mascara tube¬†is travel sized the wand is¬†full size, which means you’ll get the same look from this¬†product as you would the full size.¬†This size mascara is great for touch ups on the go too.


OPI have been one of the biggest names in nails since¬†it’s launch in 1981 and are currently sold in over 103 countries worldwide. I have used OPI before & I can see why they are one of the market leaders. Their extensive range of colours are beautiful & the formulas are long lasting. I received a pretty lilac shade in my box called Polly want a lacquer? from the Fiji collection and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it!


When haircare products are included in most beauty boxes they very rarely include more than one product from the range so I was thrilled to receive both the shampoo and conditioner from Julien Farel. Both products are from the anti-ageing vitamin range and they are paraben free as well as being colour safe. The products smell really fresh too.


Vita Liberata have quickly become one of the cult brands in the world of tanning. I have tried their bronzing powder before & I was really impressed so I was pleased to see another one of their products in my box. The¬†Ten Minute Tan does exactly what it says on the tube. You apply the product to face or body or both, wait 10 minutes then wash off and your tan will appear within 4-6 hours. My only problem with this product is that I’m not too keen on the smell as it’s too strong for me personally.


The final product in the Tili box is the Erno Laszlo cleansing duo. I must admit my first impressions of this product weren’t good. The bag includes a mini size of the cleansing oil and cleansing bar but the cleansing bar put me off because it looks just like soap. As I¬†have sensitive skin I’ve always had to be very careful about what products I put on my face and soap has always been a big no no.¬†The leaflet inside the bag did it’s best to convince me that¬†despite appearances the¬†cleansing bar is not just soap & is specifically designed for use on the face so I decided to give it a go. You apply the¬†oil first onto dry skin then lather up the soap (sorry “cleansing bar”) and apply it over your skin. The leaflet doesn’t mention if you can use this product over your eyes or not so I didn’t just to be on the¬†safe side. As well as cleansing the skin this product claims to nourish & hydrate too & my skin did feel really nice after using¬†and more moisturised than it usually does. I’d say this product is probably best for¬†dry skin types.

The only thing that would improve this box in my opinion is if the box included a card or booklet explaining the uses of each product just like GlossyBox, LookFantastic and Birchbox do.


In terms of the actual box the box¬†size is the¬†biggest¬†out of all the¬†other beauty boxes I’ve tried and perfect for storing your beauty essentials. The colour changes with each edition too which I love.

So there you have it that’s all the products inside the current edition of the Tili beauty box. Tili boxes are available from QVC UK and priced at ¬£20.

Here’s some pictures of the last Tili beauty box just so that you can compare & see the consistency of the products included.



Thanks for reading! Kate x





Benefit Cheekathon Blush Collection


I’ve been a massive fan and loyal customer of Benefit for a long time now. I’ve loved their products ever since I was pulled over for a makeover in a department store 12 years ago! That makeover was the inspiration for many birthday & Christmas wishlists for many years after that & still is to this day. I was first attracted to their playful & sometimes cheeky packaging but it’s the quality of the products that’s made me stay.

When I discovered Benefit had created this cheek palette I was desperate to get my hands on one. Why? Well firstly because it contains FIVE FULL SIZE blushers/bronzers which normally cost ¬£23.50 each and this collection costs ¬£44.50, which is less than the cost of two of them individually plus it comes with a full size brush too. Even though ¬£44.50 is still a fair bit of money it’s great value for what you’re getting. So that’s my thrifty side satisfied!


As for the appearance of the palette the packaging is very typically pretty for a Benefit product and looks lovely on your dressing table or in your makeup drawer (I’m a serious beauty addict so I have several drawers devoted to makeup!) I really liked the fact that the palette included a nice clear big mirror. I think all palettes should come with a mirror, especially the pricer ones as it’s useful for makeup on the go or if you’re applying your face in a room without a mirror. Benefit have included a little “how to” booklet which provides tips on getting the perfect flush. The booklet didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know and you’ll probably think the same but it’s nice to have it all the same. My biggest tip when using blush or bronzer is to always tap the brush before applying to get rid of any excess product. This means your blush or bronzer looks far more natural & not overdone.


In regards to the actual products themselves I have tried most of them before & I really love them all so it’s great to finally own them and have them all in one place. The products are very highly pigmented and a little goes a long way so this palette should last a while, especially as I don’t wear makeup everyday. Finding long lasting products can be tough but these cheeky products (sorry for the bad pun!) fit the bill perfectly. They last all day & all evening too, which is great for those quick desk to bar transitions when you don’t have time to top up your makeup. It’s rare to find powder based products that are long lasting as usually creamy consistencies tend to last longer. Something I noticed immediately after opening the palette was this beautiful fragrance from the products. All Benefit box o’ powder products (blushers & bronzers) carry this lovely scent and it’s even stronger in this palette. Don’t worry about the scent being overpowering because it’s not, it’s just a light delicate pretty smell that I’m sure you’ll love as much as I do. I think this scent is pretty similar to Benefit’s Maybe Baby perfume, which I absolutely adore!


In the above picture I’ve swatched all of the products to give you an idea of what they might look like on your skin. From top to bottom: Coralista, Dandelion, Rockateur, Dallas and Hoola. Hoola is the only completely matte powder in this collection, the other four have quite subtle shimmer but Rockateur is definitely the most shimmery. Rockateur would make a great highlighter on your cheekbones.


Hoola is an award winning bronzer & continues to be one of Benefit’s many bestselling products. It’s perfect for contouring or if you just want a sun kissed glow. It’s great for those of us who don’t like fake tan or don’t want to use sunbeds. It’s a beautiful bronzed glow without the sun damage or messy hands plus it doesn’t have that dreaded biscuit smell either!


Thankyou very much for reading. I hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to let me know your thoughts on Benefit, the Cheekathon palette or this post.

Kate x




Benefit Operation Pore Proof! Kit

With this collection in your make-up bag pores & oil will be a thing of the past. “It’s a dream come true” I hear you shout and yes it really is great. I’ve been using the Porefessional primer for years now so I’m already a huge fan of this product. It really helps to keep oil at bay as well as disguising my pores. It’s also a great base for foundation or BB cream. Dr Feelgood is good if you have any fine lines you need to hide & it helps to stop foundation from sitting in your wrinkles. The retro packaging is quirky cool. Agent Shine Zero is great for helping to set your foundation & preventing oil. It can be applied throughout the day whenever your skin gets oily. My T-zone gets particularly bad during the summer months so this has been a god send for me.


Licence to Blot is like blotting papers but in stick form. Personally I found that this product worked best on make-up free skin but did still help with oiliness over make-up. The only issue is that it does tend to take a bit of your make-up off so you may need to re-apply. Shy Beam is a brand new product due for launch in early 2016 but by buying this kit you are getting a sneak peak before the launch. I found this product to be very similar to High Beam but High Beam is shimmery whereas Shy Beam is like a matte version. It’s more of an apricot colour too rather than pink. A tips & tricks leaflet is included. Benefit Operation Pore Proof! is available now priced at ¬£28.50 from and

Kate x


Benefit Do the Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit

Benefit are the proud makers of the UK’s number one best selling bronzer, and¬†I’m sure you’ll agree Hoola is amazing. It delivers a beautiful bronze flush to the face; it’s a holiday glow in powder form. I love this product and the company so I was really excited when I first spied this gorgeous kit. The collection contains (all products are minis): Hoola Ultra Plush¬†lipgloss which is a shimmering golden nude shade¬†& compliments the Hoola bronzer perfectly. The shimmer of the lipgloss against the matte bronzer really draws attention to you (in a good way) and is quite striking. The lipgloss glides on smoothly and¬†feels silky soft on the lips. The only negative is that it doesn’t last too long. The much loved They’re Real Mascara makes a great addition to the kit as it opens eyes up and gives lashes a full flutter plus there’s no clumps.


The staying power is pretty impressive too.¬†If you’re a fan of Benefit’s newest mascara “Roller Lash” then you’ll love They’re Real mascara too. The cult Hoola Bronzing powder is obviously included with¬†box o’ powders¬†signature brush. The size and weight of¬†all the products¬† makes¬†them ideal to pop in your handbag for¬†touch ups on the go. A sneak preview of an unreleased product is included: Dew the Hoola is a liquid version of the¬†bronzing powder and is great for sculpting and¬†contouring. Benefit say¬†“Go slimmer without the glimmer”. Dew the Hoola is due to be officially launched later on this year. And Finally it’s Benebalm, a rosy red tinted hydrating lip balm that can be worn alone or over the Benetint lip stain. I personally really like wearing Benebalm alone as it provides enough colour to lips without looking as dark or full on as a lipstick.¬†It’s perfect for that “barely there” make-up look that I’m often sporting. You can really feel the difference after applying it, lips feel so much more moisturised and kissably soft. Benebalm will give you an excuse to kiss Prince Charming, even if it is just to show off how soft your lips are! A tips & tricks leaflet is included in the kit to help you get the bronzed beach babe look. Overall I really love this kit and it’s ideal for holidays, trips away & carrying around in your bag. It’ll also save a lot of room in the already over flowing buldging make-up bag! If you like the look of this collection then you will probably also like Benefit Operation Pore Proof kit. Benefit Do the Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit is priced at ¬£28.50 and available at and

Leave a comment with your favourite Benefit product or your best bronzer. Thanks for reading! Kate x


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara


This curling mascara has quickly gained cult status among many beauty editors and bloggers so I thought I’d try it for myself and I wasn’t disappointed. The brush hooks, lifts and curls lashes with its unique brush and it stays put all day. The “Hook and Roll” brush, which is inspired by a hair roller, grabbed each individual lash. Despite looking tired after a sleepless night, this mascara opened up my eyes and gave me a lovely full flutter. It didn’t budge despite a heavy downpoor (typical British weather) and a few tears (I’m a sucker for a sad film).


After 12 hours my mascara looks just as good as when I first applied it, the lashes still look curled and lifted. Another bonus for me is that this mascara doesn’t have that nasty smell that some mascaras have. Easy to apply with impressive results and didn’t flake all around my eyes as some mascaras do, no clumps after applying two coats either. The tube of the mascara is simple but sleek. The handle is light pink and designed to look like a hair roller which is cute and has a satisfying texture which is easy to hold. I’m a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics and it’s fair to say they haven’t disappointed me with their latest offering. My new favourite mascara. Roller Lash Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics is ¬£19.50 and available at or

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of Roller Lash or what your favourite mascara is….Kate x