October Favourites


I know I say it every month but hasn’t another month flown by? October went by in a flash and 2017 is quickly disappearing. I started October off by spending a long weekend in Cornwall for my birthday. The weather wasn’t very good but we still had a great time. The rest of October consisted of tidying up the flat and a spending ban! I haven’t done a favourites post in a while and as I love Autumn I thought it was high time I did another one. So without anymore waffling here are my October favourites…


Firstly I’ll start off with an eyeshadow palette that seems to have been dominating Instagram since it’s launch this Summer; of course I’m talking about the much anticipated Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay. The Naked eyeshadow palettes are the most searched for palettes in the world so it made sense that Naked Heat would set hearts alite with lust when it launched. The palette contains 12 amped up shades from burnt oranges to rich reds and sizzling bronzes. Naked Heat has received high praise largely due to the fact that the shades seem to suit everyone. I have dark blonde hair & very fair skin, so I worried that these shades may look too intense on me but I’m glad to report I was wrong. I haven’t worn eyeshadows as warm as this before as I thought they wouldn’t suit me but I love this palette. Naked Heat is the warmest of all the Naked palettes & most of the other Naked palettes have mostly cool toned eyeshadows (which I also love). As with all eyeshadows there was some fall out when I pressed the shadows onto my eyes but not too much. As you’d expect from Urban Decay, each eyeshadow in this palette is very pigmented & lasts all day. The shades in this palette are perfect for Autumn.




The other eyeshadow palette I haven’t been able to put down is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I was very late to the party with this palette but I’m so glad I finally managed to get my hands on it. The packaging of the palette looks like a chocolate bar & the eyeshadows smell like chocolate too! The palette features 16 candy inspired shades from subtle browns to pretty neutrals and sweet pops of colour. The shadows feel really buttery & don’t crease either. The formula is long lasting too. This palette has a mixture of shimmer & matte shades, which I love. The palette comes with a leaflet showing you how to create three different looks.




I’m sure you’ve seen and heard all the hype over the Lush Sleepy body lotion. I heard all the rave reviews but I wasn’t convinced. I’ve been tempted into buying hypped up products before that have let me down so I needed convincing. I went into the Lush shop in Bristol with no intention of buying this body lotion but after being given a delightful demonstration by one of the Lush assistants I knew I had to buy a tub. The lotion has a lovely thick & creamy texture as well as smelling dreamy and devine. The scent is a mixture of lavender, oatmeal and cocoa butter. The formula is really nourishing and leaves my skin feeling silky soft. The product definitely helped me to feel more relaxed at bedtime & I do feel like I slept better when I used it. Sleepy has helped me a lot when I’m struggling to sleep due to chronic pain & I’m sure I’ll be buying it again. An added bonus of Lush products is that they are made in England, they’re not tested on animals and they’re suitable for vegans too!


Another bodycare treat I’ve been loving is the vanilla pumpkin body butter from The Body Shop. Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know how much I love body butters. They all have a magnificently rich, creamy, soft & buttery texture that helps to eliminate dry skin without feeling heavy or oily on the skin. Plus I love the wide range of different scents available. So when The Body Shop launched a new scent in September I knew I had to try it. I got vanilla pumpkin for my birthday at the end of September & I’ve been using it ever since. As with all The Body Shop products, the body butters aren’t tested on animals. The smell of vanilla pumpkin is quite sweet & reminds me of baking; the perfect Autumn/Winter scent.



Recently I’ve been suffering with dry cracked hands & I’ve tried countless products but the L’Occitane shea butter handcream is the only one that has actually helped. The fragrance in other handcreams just made my hands more itchy & red but not this one. The formula is nice & thick as well as being creamy. My hands don’t feel sticky or greasy after use. The high concentration of shea butter in this handcream (20%) is one of the main reasons why it is so effective.


I love it when a beauty product not only delivers on its promises but if it’s a bargain too then that’s fantastic! The Superdrug own brand hair therapy oil with argan is exactly that. This oil is not only a bargain but it’s also cruelty free and suitable for vegans too. To use this oil I just rub a small amount (1-2 pumps) into the palm of my hand then I smooth the oil through mid lengths and ends of my hair. The oil can be used on damp or dry hair. The multipurpose oil helps to reduce heat damage & frizz as well as conditioning the hair. The bottle claims to reduce drying time by 40%. I can’t say whether my drying time was reduced by 40% or not but my hair definitely did dry quicker. My hair looks healthier and shinier after every application. A 50ml bottle of this oil cost me less than Β£3!


No matter what the season I seem to always have dark circles under my eyes. I’ve tried many different things to get rid of them but nothing completely gets rid of them. I usually get a good nights sleep but even that doesn’t seem to reduce those pesky dark circles. I came across the Origins GinZing eyecream in a bundle offer & was so impressed that I ended up buying it separately. The effects of this eyecream are instant as well as improving with each use. The pale pink cream is gentle enough for my sensitive skin yet powerful enough to depuff and brighten the under eye area. This eyecream won’t completely erase your dark circles but it will definitely help to blur them & stop them from being so prominent.


Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoyed my October favourites. What products have you been loving recently?


Urban Decay Naked Smoky, Primer Potion & Setting Spray

Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky eye palette must have been one of the most lusted after beauty products of the year. There were countless email sign up lists to get it first but any early stock sold out within minutes. A big buzz was created by the help of many beauty bloggers & the online sellers themselves and it’s safe to say their efforts paid off as we were all desperate to get our mitts on one!


I have had my palette for a little while now & I’ve loved using it. There are twelve shades in total and they glide on smoothly & evenly onto the eyelid. Nine of those colours have never been released by Urban Decay (UD) before and the other three are exclusive to the Naked Smoky palette. This palette allows you to experiment with warm bronze shades, dimensional greys, rich browns & deep blacks plus there’s a mixture of matte, satin & sparkle textures. A dual ended brush is included with the palette; the first end is a soft fluffy brush that’s great for applying the eyeshadow all over the lids and the other end is great for more detailed things such as lining the eyes. It’s really great to use an eye palette that comes with a good useable brush for once! Too many eye palettes provide cheap brushes that simply can’t do the job, whereas this one is perfect! As the palette is quite long this means the mirror is pretty big so it’s also ideal to use when applying other make-up such as foundation. I really like the packaging & I like that it fits into the theme of “smoky”. The front of the palette has a background of lighter & darker grey smoke with the palette name & brand name in 3D silver writing. I wouldn’t say this palette is ideal for travelling as it’s quite big and not the lightest but that’s the price you pay to have a wider selection of good quality eye shadows. The colours are also flattering on all skin tones, even very light skin tones like mine. I’ve really been enjoying experimenting with different looks with this palette & I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of it as I’ve found shades that are perfect for many different occasions. I love! The Naked Smoky palette is priced at Β£38 & available fromΒ or

Before applying any eye shadow prime the eyelids with UD’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion in original. It’s long lasting & makes sure your eyeshadow stays put. After using this product I didn’t need to top up my eyeshadow before going out in the evening. It lasted all day from desk to bar. The brush built into the lid of the primer potion makes application onto the eyelids easy peasy. The creamy parben-free formula doesn’t dry the skin out either! Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Postion is priced at Β£16 & available from the same websites as above.


There’s nothing more annoying than spending ages perfecting your make-up to have it fade away or rub off within a matter of hours. Sometimes even the best quality make-up has trouble surviving through our typical British weather conditions (as we do too. It can be a nightmare knowing what to wear in the mornings as one minute it can be hot & sunny then the next it’s tipping it down!)…Anyway as I was saying many different weather conditions can take its toll on our make-up (and hair) so when I discovered setting sprays I was delighted. A setting spray can be used as a primer under make-up or you can spray it on after make-up to keep it in place all day. I tend to use a creamy long lasting primer as a base then I spray a setting spray once I’ve completed my face. This Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is oil-free, parben-free & has patented temperature control technology which works to lower the temperature of the skin, even in hot & humid conditions to keep all your make-up in place for up to 16 hours. Personally I’ve found that this setting spray has made a great difference in my make-up’s staying power & it’s great to mist over the face when your hot as it won’t ruin your make-up either. UD’s All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray is priced at Β£21 for 118ml and available from the websites mentioned above.

Thanks for reading,

Kate x